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Anonymous asked: have people been openly sexist to you about you being a woman in the gaming industry?


Yes and no.

I am lucky to not experience sexual harassment because I am simply not very hot. It’s actually something I’m fine with. I try to stay somewhat presentable for the sake of respect, but plain enough that no one wants to be anything more than friends or coworkers with me. If you’re very boring in terms of outwards appearance it also makes your art stand out more, I think. lol. Mindgames

In terms of playing games, I usually don’t state my gender so I’m auto-assumed male and left alone. I always see female players harrassed, or shitty things said about women in general though. That’s the thing I can’t stand about the gaming community/industry, not personally-directed sexism but sexist statements/actions made about other women/women as a whole. Wherever I go, there’s always somebody saying something ignorant or biased about women and it can feel so draining and hopeless. At the same time, the clamoring social justice movement at times makes me feel drained and hopeless as well.

In terms of making games, nobody questions my ability/capability due to my gender. I’m lucky enough to be studying game design in a really supportive and open environment that doesnt stand for prejudice against any race, gender or background. Also the good thing about being in art is that your work will speak for itself. 

But I do worry about style and subject matter. I hate it when people are like “girls draw a certain way” “guys are better than girls at drawing this, and girls are better than guys at drawing this”, or “girls like to draw this and guys like to draw this”. And you know why I hate it? Cause often it seems TRUE! I never see girls draw mechs! I never see guys dedicate themselves to drawing cuteness the way girls do. I see some girls draw nothing but a ton of pretty faces. I see some guys draw nothing but hot girls. I can usually discern the gender of a young artist by the way they depict the opposite gender, aside from Asian concept artists cause jesus its legitimately impossible. Of course there will always be exceptions. I’ve seen a lot of exceptions. But Ive also seen a lot of art. And a pattern does exist in what Ive seen.

And it freaks me out. And it makes me paranoid. If I’m assigned something cute, Im like “is it coincidence? Is it because they think I as a female would be better at cute?” or if I draw something cute, would they think “of course she would want to make it cute! She’s a girl!”? Like goddamn. I actually don’t like cute things. I don’t want to be misunderstood or judged because of my gender! At the same time, I don’t know if people are actually judging or whether it’s all in my head, cause this isn’t stuff they’re going to outwardly tell you. Maybe I’m the one that’s sexist.

This is a great post. Speaking of what people assume to throw on top of this. Since I’m technical and very foundation/science driven and I draw more mechs and sci if in my spare time then fantasy. People assume 1. I’m male 2. I’m of Asian descent. Or both of these assumptions. I blow their minds when I tell them I’m half Native American AND a female.

But I’m in the same boat where it doesn’t really matter as much as the quality of my work. I want people to see me as a capable professional. Not just some girl who draws ect. as my identity. Because really being a girl was never a big deal to me haha, there are more females then men in the states. I have 4 little sisters and they all have jobs coding or engineering or something way more cool then me.

Overall I think being a female working in gaming is only weird when people make it weird for you. But that could be said for everything….like public transit….

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crushingdisappointment asked: How do you organize a ref library of 80k images? I'm up to 8k and its just a mess of folders and files with nondescrip names. I've tried Picasa and a couple of other programs which are faster at generating thumbnails but its still a mess to sift through without tagging everything

With adorable folders and icons.



Thanks to the creator of Kittyloaf!

Main site

And I’m really organized with my folders thanks to icons. I find it’s easier to organize things with visual tabs. So when I’m looking I’m just ” Ahh yes medieval armor is in the tooting crow folder. ” or ” Where is that crab within a crab folder damn it I need Egyptian ref!”

Also if your a dork like me you can set up your Recycle Bin like this:


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So listened to with Dave Rapoza and tried the bit about unplugging your internet on your work machine.

It works.

After a few days you’ll have internet withdrawal and you’ll be antsy, snack more (I chewed gum) get up a lot more, go on walks.  I limited my internet time to an hour a day just for dinner eating and to catch up on things. I think I got more done in that hour too then in an average day. I’m a pretty heavy netizen I guess the term would be? And most of my friends are long distance and on the internet. Luckily though they are pretty understanding and also working artists so they are also crazy busy.

But yeah, if you have work you need/want to get done. Disconnect your internet. It works wonders.

Edit: Oh for finding ref I have a huge extensive image library (around 80,000 images now) and everything is just saved on my computing machine. I have a 500 GB external dedicated to resources. I run Sai off it too but yeah, I tend to pre-game reference a lot of times so when I’m painting professionally it’s not included within my work hours. I usually search for reference on my downtime like if someones driving or I’m at a coffee place meeting with people. I have an Ipad and I’m usually looking for reference mostly on places that have handy apps for collecting. Then when I get home I just save them all in their respectful folders.

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animation de personnage pour le devblog dofus:” les pantins de dramack”

This is so cool seeing the process of Dofus animation.

via -RUMO-.
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spelledeg asked: Are you sure CGHub is shutting down? I know the site was hacked and someone made a re-direct to CGHug but this is all happening in the same span of time, sorry. I'm just in a bit of disbelief about all this.

Yes. Shakuro were the developers of CGHub. The CGHub Facebook is fake by the way so don’t look to that for any answers. 

They released more information here

CGHub was around for 6 years, it was a good run! 

You can still poke around through webarchive:

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"No more CGHUB.

Sad day. Project CGHUB is officially closed.

The reason behind this extremely tough decision is personal and will remain private. It’s absolutely not connected with business or any kind of technical difficulties.
On behalf of development team I would like to apologize to CGHUB users and fans for abrupt project closure and delay with its announcement.
If you have any kind of questions please send them to . Can’t promise replies to everyone though.

CGHUB wasn’t ideal, but we loved it SO MUCH! :*(

Team Shakuro”


Edit: Anyone who had a sub got refunded their full amount.

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These seem like great exercises. I don’t know who did two of these but the third image is Ron Lemens video is here. If someone reblogs with a source for the other two I’ll add them.

Thanks Sorry-So-Sorry!

First three here

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Tuesday Tips - 2 Basic Storyboarding RulesHere’s 2 tips that are so simple it hurts when I forget them. In the process of re-boarding over and over, they can be lost in the shuffle sometimes. Drill these 2 tips into your head!-Norm

Thanks my awesome animooter frand Ju Li Khaw who is Supreme Emperor of Motion.


Tuesday Tips - 2 Basic Storyboarding Rules

Here’s 2 tips that are so simple it hurts when I forget them. In the process of re-boarding over and over, they can be lost in the shuffle sometimes. Drill these 2 tips into your head!


Thanks my awesome animooter frand Ju Li Khaw who is Supreme Emperor of Motion.

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Hello! I run two other tumblrs where I dump other resources in

Digital Brushes:

And Process Resource:

I might open a screentone brush tumblr in the future sometime when I have more time. A lot of screentones I find I have to manually convert into a brush. So it’s a little bit more work.

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Line art stuff. 

Hopefully this makes some lives easier.

As you can tell from my work I abuse the heck out of the Gaussian blur thing. I used the multiply thickening trick an insane amount when I worked on Skullgirls as a clean up animator. 

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Amazing interviews. The Dave Rapoza one with Miles Johnston ( latest one on top labeled “Mile Johnstons Mixlr”) is a must listen. Still going through the other ones.

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designserge asked: Who are you? And why is your blog so awesome? I was really inspired to get my act together and work harder to become a concept artist. I am seeking a place where I can become a part of a community and make friends online but I'm a bit overwhelmed by online forums. Do you have any advice? Also what is your solution for balancing practice and work? Thank you very much. Serge

Oh I’m just someone who really likes art a lot and thinks it’s rad as all get out.Ahh thank you thank you. And hmm here’s the forums I post at all of them I have ran into some really nice people:

Crimson Daggers
Concept Art
Game Artisans
PArcade Artist’s Corner

But it seems Facebook is a great way to talk to other concept artists. There is:

Spitpainting: Choose a topic- Timeline is 30 minutes.

Super Speedpainting Funtimes: Choose a topic-Use whatever tools you like 50 mins.

Crit Bar! Serving up critiques

Google Hang Out Hub

LevelUp! They have a 2 hour livestream on Sunday with all sorts of amazing guest artists.

Also just hang around livestreams as well, personally I enjoy working alongside others.

Keep in mind most artists are working artists and it’s hard to keep heavy contact with other folks. Me for example, I’m always working. It’s hard enough for me to spend time with people in the flesh to draw along side them. The best thing I can do is just invite people over and have a sort of “work party” of us just getting our work done and someone opts to fix food. Just enjoy the magical times you get to talk to others and always wish the best for them.

Balancing work and practice is tough. I’m a freelance so my work ebbs and flows. Right now I’m juggling 4 freelance jobs so my schedule is really tight. No real time for practice but I can watch lectures on the side. But when I do have free time I make sure to practice where I can. It’s fun and just a good way to experiment with either workflow, style, or something you been hankering on messing with. Work is work, but with practice try and make it fun. Also don’t get discouraged when the painting doesn’t go your way. That’s great! It means you still have a lot to learn and the weakness is obvious and now you have goals. The worst feeling is you want to improve but you don’t know how so your kind of floundering about.

Also the most important thing I stress to EVERYONE. Is if you want people to know you. Post your work. Post it everywhere. Post it on CGHub, make a separate Facebook name to post your work under, if you want to separate your career from your personal life. Make an instagram account, push yourself to do traditional doodles when you have time. Make a tumblr: post on it.  Twitter has a lot of art collabs on it. I’m in the League of Legends, One Piece, DragonBall, and Kill La Kill collab. Instagram links up to twitter and tumblr. Do not be shy. Though don’t be imposing and aggressive and ask people to look at your work. If people ask, link your work. If not, no sweat just enjoy the conversation your having with the person. This may sound silly but you have no idea how much artists get spammed on facebook ” HEY CAN YOU LIKE MY PAGE??” and they have had no prior conversation with them. Don’t do that. Don’t feel entitled to an another persons time, especially if they are a stranger. It’s weird how people think this way. That people are automatically friends because they both do the same thing. That is really silly. Just let friendships happen casually.

Crits is a weird area where you again you don’t want to be imposing or really aggressive but you do want to ask for them. Asking openly when you post a piece is probably the best way to go. Honestly, feel it out! I know my friends are always super busy but when I ask it’s something along the lines of ” Hey man, do you have time to give me a crit?” Just keep it casual. 

I strong armed my shy wife into posting his work more and he thanks me for it everyday. He’s gotten better and his workflow much more frequent then before. For some reason, posting your work more publically and around other artists you feel this pressure to work harder and more frequently. Because everyone else is.

Sorry if this is long and rambly. I hope this helps!

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Hey! I am not sure if there is a post like this around but here’s a couple tools I see commonly with companies I work with.

This is a great way to keep a team organized, know whose working on what and see their updates in real time so you never have to ask ” Hey what are you working on?” Also it really helps seeing what needs to be done at what milestone and helps prioritize stuff. You just invite people to your trello board via email.

I keep thinking about just making one privately for myself and organizing my work schedule that way.

Unlimited free for 5 users really good way of saving your source code.

SVNing is great! Usually I have someone step by step help me hook up my SVN’s but its a way to send people work via a mutual file folder. So you put stuff in the folder and commit it and when they update it they will get the item in that folder you sent. It’s really good for sending game builds or really large assets like 3d models and ect.

Really good if you want to show someone something or give them remote control of your PC. Pick up the private one though.

Is really good if your in a company with multiple teams. You can create chatrooms based on who is assigned to that project also have the option of private messaging people.

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BJD Animals by ElleoDolls

Edit: I guess the cat model was just bought but you can see it in the sold section.  These seem like they would be great reference.

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